2018 DAILY HOURSAs a small woman-owned and operated farm, each spring I strive to provide my customers with the highest quality, ORGANIC HEIRLOOM TOMATO, PEPPER, LETTUCE, HERB and VEGETABLE PLANTS available anywhere.

Offering hundreds of different varieties, emphasis is always placed on flavor first. Each variety has been grown by me personally before it is offered in the catalog, so you can choose with confidence.

Take some time and look around.

What our customers are saying:


For more than ten years I have planted tomatoes. I have bought heirloom tomato plants from around the state as well as from growers online.  The tomatoes I bought from you this year were by far the very best I’ve ever had!  Some of my plants grew to be 8’ tall.  The cherry tomatoes are still producing.  These tomatoes were delicious!!!!!!!!!


  Olga A., Grosse Pointe, MI ( Sept. 19, 2017)


I would like to tell you that we had our first ripe tomato last night from one of the plants we got from you. It took me back to when I was a kid, it tasted like a tomato should. Without a doubt it was the best tomato I have had in years.

Thank you, again.

  Brett T., Clarkston, MI ( Aug. 10, 2017)

  Dear Karen,

After you picked 12 plants for me on May 20th, their progress is incredible. We're already the envy of all our friends and they haven't even tasted the result!

The reason I'm contacting you is because I decided to grow them in containers. I followed your direction by growing them in 5 gallon buckets. I'm also staking them based on your advice.  But, since they are absolute monsters and apparently are about to take over southeast Michigan, I wonder if you have any guidance on what to do once they exceed the height of the 6 foot stakes?? It's going to happen sooner than later. They are growing about 2-3 inches a day.

And just a footnote... I set up a Yelp review on for your business and gave you five stars. I also have recommended you to several colleagues at work; one was able to get plants, the other two didn't make it in time.

Hope to see you at TomatoFest!!

Sincerely, Todd B.
  Todd B., Royal Oak, MI ( June 15, 2017)

  Plants arrived in new packaging... Beautiful!

I've ordered plants from over 50 different places. Only two are amazing, and you are one of them.

  Michelle D., Great Neck, NY ( May 17, 2017)


Plants got here Friday. Planted them same day - they look great! This was my first time ordering plants online - it was a fantastic experience!  We will do this again next year.

Thank you very much!
  Ronnei C., Grand Junction, MI ( May 22, 2017)


We had great time at your place today. We live about two blocks from Bordines in Rochester Hills, and while we do shop there, we had more fun learning from you! 

Put me on your mailing list if you have one. We'll be back.
  Scott S., Rochester, MI ( May 27, 2017)


I wanted to let you know that we placed an order today and will be sending you a check in the mail (makes it much easier at pickup time).

Thanks for all you do for us amateur gardeners and I am glad you are here for us. Glad I found you for my Tomato and Pepper plants.

  Jerry A. , Milford, MI ( Jan. 15, 2017)

  Hi Karen -

It was so nice to meet you at your lovely business today:)  I just ate some of my lettuce (after cutting it properly ::wink:: ) and it's delicious!!!! So I wanted to say thank you for the veggie plants and will be busy planting them tomorrow...and that I am sending you positive vibes to help you get back on your feet! 

Sincerely, Sonja

  Sonja S. , Grosse Pointe, MI ( May 27, 2016)

  Karen -  

The tomato/pepper portion of my vegetable garden (all Michigan Heirloom transplants) to my eyes and in the opinion of others is nothing short of spectacular.  Healthy, productive plants with such tasty produce.  I am so pleased, you/Michigan Heirlooms are certainly the “find” of 2016 for me.  I hope even though you have expanded your business to include mail order you will still have time to do custom propagation as I plan to save seeds from several of this year’s varieties.  Stay well.  

Regards, Duane

  Duane L, Iowa ( August, 2016)


Thanks for operating a first class business. My 2015 order arrived when promised, the plants were carefully boxed and arrived in great condition, the shipping cost was reasonable, and the plants thrived after planting in my garden. I consider myself fortunate to be a Michigan Heirlooms customer.

  Bob Radder,  Kiel, Wisconsin ( February, 2016)

  Hi Karen,

I'm so excited to order again this year. I am spreading the word. I was a first time grower last year and I felt like I had a tomato jungle! I was the envy of all my friends! Thank you!

  Robyn J., Bloomfield Hills, MI  ( January, 2016)

  Hi Karen,

Ron forwarded me the email you sent him about your tomato festival. It doesn't seem like a year has already passed since we moved, but I guess when you are learning and enjoying a new way of life time does seem to fly by.

We moved this time last year to the upper peninsula of Michigan by Iron Mountain. We chose to learn homesteading thanks to your input into our lives and others. It has been quite the learning curve needless to say, but to return to nature has been quite rewarding.

We hope things went according to plan and that your tomato festival was very successful.

When we planted our heirloom tomatoes this year you were thought of.  Since you taught us how to  save and use the seeds we just wanted you to know that we have been doing so. We have always been grateful for the teaching you gave us and were very happy to hear that you have achieved your goal in more ways than one.

As always, we thank you and wish you the very best in the future. Stay Blessed.

  Ron & Kyle D., Iron Mountain, MI  ( August, 2015)  

  FYI first year buying from you last year and I had a banner garden year. Thanks!

  John McC., Clarkston, MI  (2015)

  Hello, Karen.  I ordered from you year before last (2013) season and was so happy I did. You were gracious enough to have your daughter bring my order to her store in Ann Arbor so that I did not have to make the trip further up to you.  Again Thank you for that.  It was the best garden I ever put out.  I did not order last year as things came up and didn't get a chance to get with you.  This year however.....I'm ready.............to plant, can, and eat your lovely vegetables. lol.  Can't wait.  Thanks so much for all that you do.

  Annie L., Monroe, MI  (2015)

  I'm so excited to get my hands in the dirt! Last year was the first I ordered plants from you and I was thrilled with them! (my neighbors were so jealous).

  Karen V., Monroe, MI  (2015)

What can I say - the tomatoes and pepper plants we got from you are magnificent and they are settling in nicely in our veggie raised beds.  The root structure looked like a beautiful mosaic and your soil mixture doesn't fall apart when planting - very, very impressed!

On to the lettuce bowl - WOW! It is growing like crazy!!!  Two of the people in my office are lusting after my lettuce bowl and want to know if you have any left?  If so, they each would want two bowls - total of 4.

I'll take pictures soon and send a few your way - our veggie garden is quite colourful and your plants are taking center stage!

  Diane Y., Grosse Pointe, MI (2014)

  I purchased around 500 heirloom plants from Karen at Michigan Heirlooms last year. Her plants far out performed most of the other plants I've purchased over the years as transplants.

I had heard heirloom plants don't stand up to disease and heat stress like hybrids - nothing could be further from the truth in my experience. I've purchased well over 100,000 veggie plants for our CSA program over the last few years and I'd recommend her plants to anyone who wants healthy plants that grow.

  Joe Crawford, Owner  of Central Michigan CSA  (2014)

  Your plants were exceptional! - look forward to next season. Glad to have someone so close to provide fabulous plants that produced so well.

Thank you, Kevin

  Kevin Beach, MI  (2014)

  Last spring when I was picking up my heirloom tomato plants and Big Jim peppers, you recommended the Jaloro jalapeno to me.  I have never had such GREAT success with a jalapeno!  The plant is huge and has been covered with peppers all summer.  I am so glad I took a chance on this one.  I just wanted to say thank you for making me aware of it.  See you next spring!

PS:  My lettuce bowl was amazing, too!

  Jo Ann Hill, New Lothrop, MI  (2014)

  Michigan Heirlooms has not only always under-promised and over-delivered, but has an integrity that is hard to find. Owner "Karen Golden" goes the extra mile with the quality of her products. When you think of spring......THINK OF KAREN.

Karen also gives back to the world. She was a huge support in a Kiwanis fund raiser for 2 years.

I am grateful and fortunate to call her my friend. That's how she treats everyone in her business also.

  Lizz Casady, Keego Harbor (2013)

  The last time I had a tomato with this much flavor I was in Florence, Italy.

   Kathryn Nash, Spring Lake, MI (2012)  

  Hi Karen:

I bought quite a few tomato and pepper plants from you last year for the first time and wanted to definitely make sure I get on the list to let me know when the ones for 2012 will be ready.

All the tomatoes did amazing. Most of them grew to over 9 feet tall and were just bushed out and produced a ton of tomatoes. I canned a bunch, made salsa, tomato sauce and paste and still had way to many, so I shared them with friends and family. Many of them were bigger than the palms of my hands. We planted a large variety last year and can sort it out to our absolute favorites this year. My daughter has some pictures of the tomatoes and plants on her camera. I will have her get them downloaded and send you some.

We had equally good luck with the peppers.

Getting excited for the new season. You grow a good product and provide a wonderful service.

  Thanks, Kathy A. L. Wixom, MI (2011)  

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