LETTUCE BOWL: Maintenance & Care
This is the actual bowl that I used for this pictorial. I began early in the morning, when the lettuces were still cool from the previous night and retaining as much moisture as they were going to.
This is how it looked when I finished. Note: You do not have to sheer it like this. You can just trim it, every other day or so. The advantage of doing it like this is that you revitalize the entire bowl at one time.
First thing you need is a bowl filled with ICE cold water.
As you trim, GENTLY add the leaves to the bowl, discarding any that are not worthy of eating.
As you continue trimming, GENTLY push the leaves under the water. I'm repeating myself, because crushed or bruised leaves will turn 'yucky' in a hurry.
This is my 15 year-old Tupperware Salad Spinner. It's the best tool you can have. In this picture, I have already spun the lettuce and it is ready to go in bags.
In one gallon zipper bags, place TWO sheets of paper toweling that has been folded in half (four layers). Add your lettuce and then zip the bag HALF WAY shut (you want some air circulation) and ideally you will put it in your hydrator drawer of your refrigerator. I, however, can't because both of my drawers are filled with seeds.

Depending on how dry the leaves were when you added them to the zipper bags (excess moisture will cause premature rotting) your Gourmet Leaf Lettuce should last at least a week or more. Hopefully, though, you will eat it much faster than this. Enjoy!