Coue rDe Bouef BICOLOR tomato
Perfectly shaped hearts are dark yellow developing a red blush on the blossom end which carries through to the interior flesh when mature. Dense and meaty with few seeds. Flavor is mild, and well-balanced. I was most impressed with the production of this variety. It seemed to have ripe fruits on the vine all summer and then kicked into overload as the season started winding down. Disease resistance was above par, as well. When sliced vertically, wedges look like Angel wings.
HISTORY: Unknown. A bit of a backstory:  I grew out three 'new to me' varieties last season (2015) that ended up looking exactly alike: Couer De Bouef Bicolor, Sunburst and Heart Shaped Yellow Stripy. Each were from different sources and of course had different names. The last two, I was given some background history, in so much as I knew where my source got their original seed from. It was only at the time of this writing that I put two and two together - Sunburst and Heart Shaped Yellow Stripy are most likely one in the same. Why? Because even though the Sunburst has been grown here in Michigan for the last 40 years, the original seed came from the same locale in Kentucky, as where Heart Shaped Yellow Stripy has been growing for 4 generations. So, is Couer De Bouef Bicolor also the same? I don't know, because my seed came from a trade with a gentlemen from France (which means nothing in this age of internet seed trading forums). What I do know is that of the three, Couer De Bouef Bicolor outperforms and out tastes the other two by far - at least here in Michigan.

GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
FRUIT SIZE: Large - Ex Large
FRUIT COLOR: Yellow Bicolor
USE: Slicing, Salsa, Sauce
ORIGIN: Unknown