Zebra Heart tomato

While the history is shaky, one thing is certain for sure - this is a stunning tomato! Considered a GWR (Green When Ripe), the skin is technicolor - lemon, lime and pink stripes over interior flesh  which is primarily light lime green. Flavor is excellent - a surprise with a lot of sugars and some acid to make it very aromatic.

I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you will not find this variety offered anywhere else in the world - in 2015. Now, that won't be true for 2016 as I dispersed seed throughout the US this fall/winter.

HISTORY: A bee cross which appeared on an Ohio farm about 2000 (assumed to be John Siegel of Covington, OH), later distributed and /or stabilized by Al Anderson of Troy, OH.

GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
MATURITY: Mid-season
LEAF TYPE: Regular
FRUIT CLASS: Beefsteak
FRUIT SHAPE: Oblate, variable
FRUIT COLOR: Green When Ripe
USE: Fresh, Juice, Sauce
ORIGIN:  Open-Pollinated - USA