For years the idea of having a 'tomato festival', here on the property, had been rolling around in my head. I knew what I wanted the day to look like, and knew I could not pull it off alone - boy, was I right!

If it were not for the tireless help of so many people to whom I am forever grateful to, the first annual TomatoFest would still just be a hope and a dream stuck in my head!

But, before TomatoFest could become a reality, I had a season to get off the ground and some plants to sell!

2015 proved to me just how much one woman could physically accomplish on her own. As such, I'd like to thank some other folks that kept me from the brink of exhaustion, and really are responsible for making sure I was able to open for 2015...

Left to Right: My Dad, Kelly (my sister), David (my nephew), Danielle (my niece), Andy (my brother-in-law), Me, Katelyn (my third daughter), Riley (my granddaughter), Alex (my daughter), Todd (in back, Marketing/Advertising Dept.), Johnny (my son), Elizabeth (my oldest daughter) and Cheryl (my very special friend).
  First and foremost, I thank God for His grace, His guidance and continuous blessings He bestows upon me. I can't imagine where I would be without Him.
Brenda Carone
For years Brenda has been the one that has ensured that my season got off the ground. Her work ethic and compassion is bar-none. I am so proud to call her my friend. Thank you for your selflessness.
Connie Harriff
Not only did Connie come on her own time many times this spring to help me pot up seedlings or to do whatever needed to be done, she also spent most of TomatoFest standing up front -- parking cars! You are a jewel, Connie and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me!
Ken Jacobs
I'm not quite sure how to tally up the countless days and weeks that Kenny spent here, helping me, encouraging me, planting, photographing, laying out the new greenhouse, fixing the tractor and so many other things, I can't begin to list them. To the moon and back, my friend!
Kelly Heer
When it comes to sisters, I have the best. She does more for me than I deserve. She never fails me and she always shows up and picks up my pieces. If it weren't for her bringing me dinner every night during selling season, I wouldn't have eaten - and that's not an exaggeration. I love you, seester!
John Burley
He shows up seemingly out of nowhere, always when I am in need and takes care of whatever is broke at the moment. Thank you so very much, John! I appreciate you and our friendship so much!
Ken Wilke
Kenny will balk at this for years to come saying he didn't do anything. Yet, the truth is that not once has he not shown up to help, whatever the task at hand happened to be, whether it be helping re-side the greenhouse or sitting with me during selling season so I could take a potty break! You're a great man and friend, Kenny!
Todd MacPherson
The man behind all of Michigan Heirlooms graphics, logos, marketing and advertising campaigns and my best friend. For over 30 years he has never stopped believing in me - even when I didn't believe in myself.
Cheryl Geraty 
One of the most amazing, beautiful and strong women I know. She spent many, many Friday afternoons here, making sure that I was on track. And, single-handedly set up the entire back yard, complete with designing and providing all the center pieces on the day of TomatoFest. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, friend!
Georgia Valentine
I love this woman! In the searing heat and shortly after a major surgery, she came and helped me weed all the flower beds on the property, that hadn't been weeded in two years. There is no way that I would have been ready for TomatoFest without her. Thank you, G, for all the conversations and beautiful friendship that ensued.
John Heck
John has been a long time customer and I am happy to also call him my friend! Half of the photos that you see here of TomatoFest are his pictures. Thank you, John, for your excellent eye behind the lens!
Andy Heer
My most awesome BIL and the person responsible for taking the other half of all these awesome TFest photos...and set up and BBQ Pit master and tear down and... Thanks, Andy!
Marcia Sommerville
Thank you for taking me under your wing, Marcia. Thank you for introducing me to Nustart Nutrition. Thank you for always including me in everything and mostly, thank you for sharing with all the attendees your fabulous, mad cooking skills!
Jim Zech & Chef Eric DeVall
What can I say? These guys are the bombdipity! I met Jim this spring while he was picking up his plant order and well, the rest is history! If you had not orchestrated the whole food demonstration event, I don't know what I would've done. So, thank you! I can't express how grateful I am to you! 
Katelyn Dudley
This beautiful soul is my 'adopted' daughter. I have watched her blossom right before my eyes and am so incredibly proud of her! She is crazy talented and if the reaction of TFest attendees are any indication, her culinary career is going to be very bright, indeed!

Let's get this PARTY STARTED!! 
If you made it this far, then for your entertainment here are some DUMB FACES captured of me.... 
Mark your calendars!
AUGUST 19th!